Adding a User Manager to your Feature Tests

In my last post I described how to write¬†declarative step definitions. However, this means our test cases can’t assume it knows who is performing the action because the user can change at any time. We’ll¬†need to introduce a sort of state machine to track the current user and log in as another user when needed. Continue Reading »

Writing Acceptance Tests in Third Person

When I was learning to write acceptance tests with Cucumber everything started with “I”. It made sense because you were driving a browser to click buttons and fill in forms and that’s what “you” did. However, I recently realized this doesn’t work when writing tests that require multiple users to interact with the same test. Continue Reading »

Using RFQuiltLayout with RubyMotion and RMQ

RFQuiltLayout extends UICollectionViewLayout to squeeze multiple different size boxes onto the screen. It’s the equivalent of Masonry for iOS collection view cells.

Backbone.js – A Getting Started Guide

I've been learning Backbone.js and wanted to make a video that might help others that are in the process of learning it too. You can watch the video here on Youtube Table of Contents Introduction: 0:00 What we're working on: 1:55 Making it work with vanilla jQuery: 3:30 How to think of Backbone Views: Continue Reading »

Doing More With WordPress

This is a screencast I recorded that shows a couple of ways to get more out of WordPress. I got the idea from this question on Stack Overflow and decided to make a video explaining the building process.